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The simlock unlocking code along with a manual will be sent to your email.

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After inputting the unlock code on the phone's keypad the simlock is disabled.

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Unlocking your phone as easy as 1-2-3

We offer remote simlock unlocking with the use of a code entered on the phone's keypad.
After inputting the unlock code on the phone's keypad the simlock is disabled.

The service is available for LG Viper 4G LTE.

  • The simlock code purchase costs is: 5 EUR
  • The order will be processed within 1 to 12 hours from the payment accounting date

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    IMEI is the unique 15-digit serial number of your mobile phone.
    You can read your IMEI number by pressing *#06# on the keyboard of your mobile phone or you can read it on a sticker under the battery.


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Unlock instructions for the LG Viper 4G LTE
1. Power off the device
2. Insert a non-accepted SIM card
3. Power on the handset. The device will prompt for the unlock code.
4. Enter the SIM unlock code sent to you by email
5. Select "OK" - the handset is now successfully unlocked.
Customer Reviews

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Opinion about unlocking Sony Xperia AX: Good job

lee ( ***** )
Opinion about unlocking Sony Xperia SO-04E: Thanks to you, I've succeeded.

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Opinion about unlocking Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus: Nice and Easy Thanks

What does remote unlocking stand for?

Based on the phone's data, such as: the brand and model, its IMEI serial number and the network of the service provider it is locked for, a unique unlocking code is generated. After inputting the unlock code on the phone's keypad the simlock is disabled. The remote unlocking mechanism does not require any cables or additional software. Remote simlock unlocking is the simplest method of removing the SIMLOCK lock.

Is removing SIMLOCKS safe?

Disabling the simlock by entering a unique unlocking code on the phone's keypad is an option introduced by the manufacturer, hence - a checked, safe and efficient method.

Why does one disable a phone's SIMLOCK?

The limitation has been implemented in the mobile phone in such a way, that it can operate with SIM cards of only one specific service provider. Remote unlocking with the use of a code disables this protection and extends the usability of a phone, thus making it possible to use SIM cards of all networks' service providers from all over the world.

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